About Symbio

about symbioHeadquartered in Port Jefferson, NY, Symbio is a client-focused global full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO). We manage all CRO core services in house and have our offices in the USA and Europe. We deliver excellent service and provide experienced qualified personnel to strategically manage all aspects of your clinical trials.

Symbio offers expertise in Proof-of-Concept, medical device and Phase 1 – Phase 4 clinical studies and has completed over 200 clinical studies to date, both in the USA and in other territories.

Developing and maintaining excellent relationships with experienced clinical research sites are vital to the success of any study and every CRO. As a direct result of our site relationships, Symbio trials receive the special attention they deserve. We take great pride in the strong relationships we have established over the years. These relationships have provided us the ability to streamline recruitment, creating shorter enrollment timelines with a lower number of sites.

Our expertise starts from the top. Symbio, LLC was founded in 2002 by Richard Panico and Debra Dow. With previous leadership roles in CRO management and product development, Rich and Deb have been able to successfully grow their company by carefully selecting qualified clinical research professionals. In collaboration with senior management, their continued oversight offers clients a personalized experience ensuring study management challenges are anticipated, identified and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Richard Panico, Debra Dow, and Veronika Kunert founded Symbio’s subsidiary in Europe to support our clients with their global clinical trials.

The vision from the start has been to create a CRO that consistently delivers outstanding service and quality to sponsors. The common goal is to bring clinical studies to a successful end, on time and on budget.


Our Leadership Team Makes the Difference

Richard Panico, MBA

President of Symbio, LLC and CEO of Symbio in Europe
Founded Symbio, LLC in 2002 and Symbio in Europe in 2018, Over 25 years of industry experience

“The reward for providing great work is being awarded with additional studies and projects. Symbio is here to help Sponsors get studies done – whatever it takes.”

Debra Dow, PharmD, MBA

Vice President, Scientific Affairs
Founded Symbio in 2002 and Symbio in Europe in 2018, Over 25 years of industry experience

“Clinical research is a huge group effort. Our Symbio staff understands that we are all in this together, we all want to be part of something successful and work hard to make that happen.”

Veronika Kunert, BSc

Chief Operating Officer, Symbio’s European subsidiary
Founded Symbio in Europe in 2018, Over 20 years of industry experience

“Clinical Research is a complex undertaking. I believe that clarity is one of the most important drivers for success in clinical research, and I am happy to add clarity for successfully navigating through the EU clinical trial landscape.”

Tom McGuire, BS

Director, Business Administration and IT
Joined Symbio in 2005, Over 15 years of industry experience

“Technology enables us to gather data, manage documents and communicate more quickly than ever before. The systems put in place to use these resources are key to greater efficiencies, but they must also be compliant with regulations.”

Shanna Smith, BS

Director, Clinical Operations
Joined Symbio in 2008, Over 20 years of industry experience from bench to management

“Working on the Sponsor side as well as the CRO side gives me an appreciation for the industry as a whole. I relate to the pressures Sponsors endure and work with our project teams to develop plans to meet each Sponsor’s needs.”

Evyan Cord-Cruz, MD

Director, Medical Affairs/Medical Monitor
Joined Symbio in 2003, Over 25 years of industry experience

“The Medical Affairs group is always available to help ensure the safety of study subjects.”

Ye Wang, PhD

Director, Statistics
Joined Symbio in 2007, Over 17 years of industry experience

“Statistics are a vital part of any clinical trial study. We are committed to collaborate with our clients and work seamlessly with our internal teams to deliver high-quality products and results in a timely manner.”

Chad Troller, BS, CCRA

Director, Client Services
Joined Symbio in 2005, Over 20 years of industry experience

“There have been tremendous advances in our industry attributable to harnessing the power of technology. But the single most important factor will always remain. People. We owe our success to our partnership with Sponsors, the best Investigators, and by employing the best at Symbio. People are what make the difference.”

Leann M. Purdy, BS

Director, Data Management
Joined Symbio in 2005, Over 23 years of industry experience

“It is an honor to represent a department dedicated to providing the highest quality of data to the sponsors. Symbio’s data management team continually goes the extra mile and is highly motivated by the positive impact that clinical trials can provide to the public.”