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At Symbio, our experience with clinical trials runs deep and so do our insights. We’ve experienced a lot over the decades about what it takes to manage clinical trials and we’ve compiled these learnings to share with you.

The Clinical State of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common and often debilitating skin disease that affects millions of Americans each year. In the last few decades a variety of different pharmaceutical interventions have been brought to market with the intention of alleviating the suffering this ailment inflicts. These efforts have coalesced into two main classes of drugs: Topical medications and systemic treatments. These systemic, biologic treatments generally come from a newer class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies, or MABs. 

As the psoriasis market expands to include new systemic agents, clinical trials and their enrollment become increasingly complex. Due to the rise of treatment options such as biologics, topical psoriasis drugs have seen slow enrollment over the last decade. This paper aims to explain why biologics have become so popular and why their introduction has been so disruptive to classic topical drug studies. 

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